Banned Strategies during the Towns and cities out of Public Accommodation C.Roentgen.S. § 24-34-601

Coloradans have earned a complete and you may equivalent enjoyment of all of the items, services, institution, privileges, gurus, otherwise accommodations accessible to the public, irrespective of protected classification.

Metropolitan areas from societal accommodation are recognized as any where off organization offering goods, qualities, place, or rentals towards public. Metropolises from public rental are informative associations and you can social property.

It could be a great discriminatory step to possess an area of social rooms, actually or indirectly, in order to deny, keep back out-of, otherwise reject so you can an individual or a group the full and you will equal excitement of the services and products, attributes, institution, benefits, experts, of societal housing based on that individual or groups’ secure category. Towns of societal housing also are banned from publishing, dispersing, providing, exhibiting, posting, otherwise mailing any discriminatory ad.

To ensure individuals that have disability are permitted the possibility to own the full and you may equivalent pleasure of one’s items, attributes, business, otherwise renting available, a place out of public rental might need to make sensible renting in its policies, measures, or means and you will/otherwise make certain the means to access.

Places out of social housing are also blocked off retaliating up against any person who keeps involved with a secure activity – elizabeth.g., and work out an ailment off discrimination otherwise requesting a reasonable rooms.

Protected Categories in Towns and cities off Societal Rooms

  • Disability (a mental otherwise real handicap and therefore dramatically limitations a major life activity)
  • Battle (is sold with tresses structure, hair particular, otherwise a defensive hair style commonly or historically of this race, including braids, locs, twists, rigorous coils otherwise curls, cornrows, Bantu tangles, Afros, and headwraps).
  • Creed
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Sexual Direction
  • Intercourse Label
  • Sex Expression
  • Marital Condition

Individuals who possess engaged in protected activity (instance while making a problem out of discrimination, or requesting a good holiday accommodation) is actually protected against retaliation to possess doing so.

Filling up Deadline

Complaints of public accommodation discrimination must be filed within 60 (60) Months after the alleged discriminatory act occurred, and if not so filed, it shall be barred. C.R.S. § 24-34-604


Metropolitan areas off social rooms Don’t become a church, synagogue, mosque or other lay which is principally employed for religious purposes.

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