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However, your skipped him, and it was yes uncommon not reading quidditch even said after

song; over a lady [bee gees]pairing; oliver wood x fem!ravenclaw!readergenre; oriented relationships, long distance(ish), fluff, white angstword amount; 3,1ktimeline; cup regarding flame -> order of one’s phoenixwarnings; swearing, dating insecurities, that conflict (gets fixed)summary; you used to be obligated to endure one year of hogwarts without their precious oliver, just how manage that affect the relationships?

Truthfully, it actually was a good thing one to Oliver was not in school to have new Triwizard Contest: Merlin understands you wouldn’t know the termination of your moaning about quidditch are cancelled.

However, a good grades from the Nastily Stressful Wizarding Evaluating had been hard even for many wise of people

Regarding the one-and-a-half many years that you had been to each other, the marriage joke had proceeded, generally thanks to the persistent Weasley twins. Your decided your own husband becoming good way might be more straightforward to handle as a result of the bulk levels of works you to definitely NEWTs expected.

“Poor your,” Chloe mocked during the eating inside the first day out of 7th 12 months, “How will you actually ever survive instead of the other half?”

A weekly page thru owl is little than the Oliver Wood regarding skin: your felt just like you is starved all year out-of one individual you wanted to see the quintessential. If perhaps their quidditch team greet sufficient spare time to have your to visit Hogsmeade so you could hook up, but it didn’t, you was actually deprived.

You couldn’t help but expand nervous once the Hogwarts Express increased closer to System 9 and 75%, even imagine Chloe told you everything she you certainly will in order to reassure you.

Yes, his characters to you during the last couple weeks got contained simply warmth more than your own future reunion, however didn’t assist but question when the he had been would love to split it to you personally.

“Y/N, Y/N,” Chloe said solidly, “There isn’t any world in which you to people you may fall out from like along with you. Believe me, you imply much more to your than simply quidditch.”

“Search, here he is,” she slash your from, citing new screen from the man stood towards the program involving the parents. One of his hands kept an effective bouquet from new red roses, because the most other installed in the their side with the fingertips to try out nervously with each other.

Following, his attention closed which have your, and all of your own worries dissolved aside as your mouth area prolonged on a huge grin. You ran outside of the storage space and you may first started pushing past individuals to get at the get off, nearly barrelling toward conductor as you jumped to the platform.

Oliver stood seeing you together with his smile matching your very own, already opening their fingers when preparing for just what was about in order to takes place. You sprang into them, almost slamming your over with the push for which you did it. You kissed him with the same force, like you got desired to do for the last year very really frantically.

Naturally, you questioned you to ultimately get to a grades: you were not a beneficial Ravenclaw for absolutely nothing

“We have missed you too,” your answered, tightening your own hold doing him more, “Have you acquired more powerful?” Your sensed their bicep.

“Good to see you straight back along with your husband,” your heard Chloe state, and you may considered discover their unique pull collectively not just their unique trunk area, however, a too.

“Ah, about that,” Oliver told you, losing you from their hold and bringing your own trunk out-of Chloe, “It is time i made it formal, right believe?”

“Godric, this is why are Kyoto women so beautiful so that close,” Chloe told you sarcastically, leading you to roll your vision in the her. “Absolutely, not a band.”