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Specific questions regarding the definition of of like or sexual interest in idols )

step three.3 Moral factors, limitations, and reflexivity

Most of the users finalized advised agree variations so that it participated in the fresh interviews with complete knowledge of the dangers and you will benefits associated with the analysis. They can decline to respond to questions when they end up being embarrassing, because the certain questions regarding expressions of sexual attract and you may sexual orientation are delicate for almost all interviewees. Additionally, more information and you can solutions for instance the idols interviewees try idolizing, interviewees’ frustration that have users regarding the partner community, and their comments on the mainstream media’s records towards fandom-associated things will never be distributed to anybody outside that it research. Pseudonyms had been including made available to guarantee respondents’ confidentiality. Brand new estimate of all the anonymized information and you may content in this search might have been approved by every interviewees.

When it comes to limits associated with the browse, to start with, the standard and you will precision away from interview can vary, since the respondents can get withhold otherwise transform details, and sometimes they could reject the underlying linkage between the viewpoint and methods (Berger 1998). Instance, one interviewee said that “I do not need partnered and then have students, but I actually do need something to remain me personally then followed. That is why I buy idol dolls.” Nevertheless when I asked, “do you really believe idol dolls could be the option to family members?” She responded, “zero, I think it (to find idol dolls) is just an arbitrary activity.”

The following restriction is dependant on the latest class. Even though in the 60 % of the idol doll people are adults, young adults (aged regarding 13 in order to 18) plus play an important role from the idol-doll enthusiast area. However, teenagers commonly within the investigation since it is hard to get adult permission and you will adolescent assent (we.age., an enthusiastic affirmative agreement to become listed on). A much bigger sample connected with even more teenage users is expected to possess upcoming research with the similar topics, which provide a over understanding of motives at the rear of fans’ idol-toy purchases.

As for the search reflexivity, since a person in Gen Z along with an idol-doll client who’s earliest history information about idol-cotton-doll application and you may partner society, the specialist webblänk could have been observing mom fans’ get practices having an effective few years. New common socio-social record and skills helped the writer reach out to credible participants and you may get faith from them, and so enabling the writer to help probe within their fundamental motivations. not, as a result of the researcher’s good effectiveness the brand new stigmatization and complaint of fangirls out-of main-stream news, brand new researcher get every so often have failed to remain neutral and you may might have accidentally conveyed her own views during the interview.

cuatro Results and you may discussion

It section presents the key conclusions uncovered on the thematic research, which will be split into two biggest templates, (1) Mommy fans’ emotional needs and you may (2) recognition on the lover community.

cuatro.1 Mom fans’ mental requires

With regards to the textual investigation away from 9 chosen content, main-stream news simply interprets admirers since consumers, emphasizing their monetary significance and you may disregarding the psychological demands. There is a tendency to criticize fans’ usage and you can lover area. That is, the purchase out of idol dolls, while the a certain particular this new enthusiast discount, are negatively presented just like the “unreasonable application because of the unformed and obsessive (female) fans”. Also, idol-enthusiast society can be regarded as “distotherwiseted”, “chaotic” otherwise “out of control”, and partner benefit less than that it condition try interpreted since an excellent technique for “exploiting fans” which means that “is limited”. For it search, it is necessary to de-stigmatize idol-lover community and understand the fight and you will emotional demands out-of mother fans, because this may help determine fans’ motivations for purchasing idol dolls.