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Announce the arrival of a new baby. New moms dads, friends, neighbors and other family members also can order the Stork signs. They order our 7 foot wooden Stork yard display signs as a special surprise for Mom and Dad as they arrive home for the first time with their new baby. We place the Stork in a perfect spot in the front yard to welcome the new family member home.

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New Baby Stork Signs

Delivering Happiness!


As a new parent, the joy that is experienced with your child’s birth is overwhelming. I cannot think of anything else that creates feelings of such happiness and excitement.  You want to tell the whole world about your new addition to your family.  That’s where Stork Rental comes into the picture.

Stork Rental has been proudly serving Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens & Central New Jersey. Stork Rentals offers 7 foot tall wooden storks that are hand painted. The stork is placed in the front yard for all to see as a unique way to welcome the “New Bundle of Joy.”  Family, friends and neighbors love to see the stork and share in the good news!

A personalized keepsake bundle is placed in the storks beak and has the baby’s first name, middle name, birth weight, birth date and time hand painted on it. This personalized bundle is our gift to you.  It’s a perfect addition to any nursery decoration theme.

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For New Baby:

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